Mixed feelings show at Elkhart school board meeting

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 11:25 PM EDT
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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - Parents and teachers continued to make their voices heard at an Elkhart school board meeting tonight.

As our own Monica Murphy explains, there's mixed feelings about the corporation's reopening plan.

As it stands now, Elkhart Community Schools will have a hybrid plan, offering both in-person instruction and online learning.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, one parent addressed the board and said he’s been frustrated by “all the inconsistency.”

“Sports are in, school is in, not in, going to be unsure of what’s happening. As a parent, I am completely frustrated by what’s taking place in our community today. Our kids have had to deal with the merger, they are dealing with COVID, not finishing school, the uncertainty,” said Rene Echartea.

Right now, extracurricular activities, including sports and band, are still up in the air.

“My biggest concern is my kids, making sure they have a football season, making sure they have a gymnastics season, and not have that taken away because of the inconsistencies and someone can’t seem to make the right decision,” said Echartea.

At the meeting, the Elkhart Teachers Association shared how teachers have been feeling about going back to school.

In June, they did a survey and found that 11% percent of teachers opted for remote learning.

In July, that number grew to 33%

And now in August, 46% of teachers want remote learning.

“So we just want you to know that we are keeping the pulse of the teachers and being supportive...just as you guys have been awesomely supportive of teachers too,” said Kerry Mullet, president of the Elkhart Teachers Association.

The association's president says she has worked with the school board on the hybrid plan to help accommodate many needs, calling the plan, "the best of both worlds."

“I am very confident that we have a good plan, the school district has been very receptive to all of our concerns either as a group or as an individual,” said Mullet.

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