Parent’s Playbook: PHM School Corporation Board of Trustees vote to start school year with e-Learning

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 6:59 PM EDT
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Michawaka, Ind. (WNDU) - The Penn Harris Madison School Board voted in favor of all students starting the school year with eLearning.

Penn Harris Madison School board members, parents and teachers gathered Monday leading up to the decision.

“We want to make sure our students are not contracting any kind of coronavirus and transmitting the coronavirus,” Penn Harris Madison Schools Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker said.

Many had differing opinions on whether eLearning was the best decision.

“I unfortunately didn’t feel like the e-learning was beneficial to kids I didn’t feel like they were receiving the proper education that they should be receiving to prepare them for life after school,” Penn Harris Madison parent Justin Aquila said.

“We want to make sure our teachers are safe, faculty and staff are safe, students are safe. So that was really the ultimate decision maker,” Thacker said.

The breakdown of what virtual learning will look like:

For elementary and middle school students, there will be both synchronous and asynchronous learning, live and recorded lessons will be given and teachers will be available for help.

For high school students, there will be live, real-time instruction with times for asynchronous work. There will be four classes a day, and teachers will be available to help students.

According to the plan, a return to in-person instruction could come as soon as September 14.

Before returning in-person, parents will be given the choice of what instruction they hope to continue with.

“We’re still excited to have all the students participating. We may have them in a virtual learning environment, but they are still Penn Harris Madison students. They bring this enthusiasm and passion,” Thacker said.

For more information on the school board’s decision, click here.

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