Friday is the last day for tent city at Doulos Chapel

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 11:31 PM EDT
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Friday is the last day Doulos Chapel will host tent city.

Pastor Mario Sims said he agreed to help the homeless for 60 days.

Staff and volunteers said they had a lot of success helping individuals become productive members of society again.

At last check, only five tents remain on the chapel’s property.

They started with 39 tents.

Fourteen people are reportedly now employed, and 10 have received permanent supportive housing.

“Our plan was not just to warehouse tents. Our plan was to restore them back to being productive individuals. We did this with no governmental funding. Our help mainly came from the community, from other churches, from businesses, from organizations, from individuals. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the two months that we’ve hosted tent city,” said Sims.

The issue now is across the street at the old BMV, where there’s been fights and violence.

The owner of this property reportedly lives out of town, but has been in contact with South Bend Common Councilwoman Lori Hamann.

Hamann said the owner has compassion for the homeless, and does not want to evict anyone, but is apparently not happy with what has been happening.

“The mayor is responsible for the care, health, welfare and safety of the citizens of South Bend...Certainly we would have hoped in 60 days there would have been some plan,” Sims said.

Mueller did reportedly visit the area for the first time Wednesday night.

According to many trusted sources, there was a discussion about HUD housing vouchers that could help put some of these individuals in hotels throughout the city.

In a statement, Mueller said in part: “We will continue to explore out-of-the-box solutions for our unsheltered residents in the near term while we also work on longer term solutions with an implementation group of stakeholders from across the community.”

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