Goshen Schools reopening with 5 courses of action

Published: Jul. 28, 2020 at 5:40 PM EDT
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GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) - Goshen Community Schools has publicly announced their reopening plan for the coming school year.

The plan includes 5 different courses of action that vary based on the state of the pandemic, and not all grades will be starting with the same course.

Monday night, the Goshen Community School Board announced their plan for reopening.

“It’s like putting the puzzle together as you’re cutting the pieces out,” Goshen High School Principal Dr. Barry Younghans said.

Come August 10th, Grades K-5 will be starting at Course III.

“Our number of goal is to make sure that we come back and we’re safe, and that we’re keeping our kids and staff safe,” Model Elementary School Principal Tami Hicks said.

Starting at Course III means that masks will be required, physical distancing will be implemented, the school day will be shortened and students will have eLearning for specials, like gym and library.

“We are going to be containing our students in the same space, with the same people the entire time. Rather than having exposure to other staff members, going to different classes and specials and things like that, we are going to have our kids with their teacher in their classroom,” Hicks said.

For grades 6-12, they will be starting at Course IV.

Wearing a mask and physical distancing are both a part of this course, and in addition, half of students will be in person each day on an alternating schedule, with eLearning for all students on Wednesdays.

“What we’re trying to manufacture are less passing periods for kids, less chances to interact with lots of big groups of kids and we’re trying to cut down the number of interactions they have across peer groups,” Younghans said. He says starting with Course IV gives them a lot of options.

“That’s how we do our jobs, by making connections with kids. To not see them is really, really hard. So starting with Course IV, for us, even though it’s not very much contact with students, we can see them, lay groundwork with them.”

Even with the long hours of preparation that have gone into the reopening plans, both principals say they are excited for August 10 to get here.

“We just want our kids to be back. We want them to be learning. Whether it’s online or in person,” Hicks said.

“We’re excited to get back to some normal, whatever that looks like, and figure out how to best educate our kids,” Younghans said.

For more information on the Goshen Community Schools reopening plan, click here.

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