As Indiana coronavirus cases rise, some states are deeming it a “hot spot”

Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 6:29 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -When the pandemic started, the east coast was the hot spot.

In recent weeks, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California have become the hot spots.

Today, Indiana saw its highest daily new cases since the pandemic begin and many eyes are now on the Hoosier state.

According to data from NBC News and health officials, over the last two weeks, Indiana has seen as 73% increase in positive cases.

Compared to the hot spots, Texas has seen a 37% increase, California a 35% increase and Florida a 32% increase.

Arizona meanwhile has seen a 19% decrease in case numbers.

In the Hoosier state, the 7-day moving average of positive cases has increased significantly during the past month.

Back in May, Indiana had a moving average of 506 positive cases.

It dropped to 356 in June and now has jumped to 830 this week.

With these numbers, local health officials say the state needs to get things under control.

“I’m told we’re on some that people from Indiana are being quarantined by some other states and I certainly think we’re headed the wrong direction and could wind up looking like Florida or Arizona if we don’t get this under control,” St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Mark Fox said. “I really think that either at the local level or at the state level, we’re going to have to think about taking a step backwards in the Back on Track Plan.”

There’s only five states that have seen a higher increase than Indiana: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

Some states are now requiring Hoosiers to quarantine if they travel to certain states.

“I think we’ll see a lot of states clamping down and trying to restrict travel or requiring quarantine from outside the region,” Dr. Fox said. “I do feel like this is a step backwards in terms of taking more aggressive mitigation strategies. I think a number of places have opened too quickly. I think it’s time to exercise caution. I wouldn’t be surprised if more states not just picking on Indiana but will restrict travel from people outside the state or impose quarantine for people coming from outside the state.”

Indiana is now on the hot spot lists for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, meaning if you plan to travel out east, you need to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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