South Bend teens use father’s obituary to plea for mask wearing

Published: Jul. 23, 2020 at 7:04 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - “You can save the life of someone’s dad.”

So reads the obituary for 46 year old Jeffrey Munn.

South Bend teens Oliver and Avian Munn used their father’s obituary to make a public plea for mask wearing and social distancing.

“It makes me upset when people take it so lightly or they think they don’t have to wear a mask because it’s their freedom or whatever and they think it’s like pro-American or something, you’re not pro-American if you’re not wearing a mask, you’re pro-you. You’re not treating your other Americans with respect,” said 16-year-old Oliver Munn.

Avian Munn added, “You’re purposely putting other people’s lives on the line for your amusement, and if you turn this into a joke then you’re just making other people suffer.”

Their father, 46-year-old Jeffrey Munn died from COVID-19 in a Texas nursing home on July 20.

A man who battled multiple sclerosis for six years succumbed to COVID in three weeks.

“You die in three weeks, I think that says a lot about how deadly and just terrible this whole situation is,” said 14-year-old Avian Munn.

The obituary reads, “If you would like to honor Jeff’s memory, please wear a mask in all public spaces, and avoid large gatherings. You can help save the life of somebody’s dad.”

“So many people are getting it. Do you realize how many people that is? Even if it’s only 99 percent of, or only one percent of people who die from it, that’s still a lot of people. That’s one in 100. There have been over 100,000 people who have died from COVID in America. It’s a pretty big deal,” said Oliver Munn.

The children did get to visit their father in February just before the COVID-19 clampdown was imposed.

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