Grace College professor retires after 55 years of teaching

Published: Jul. 16, 2020 at 6:29 PM EDT
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After over five decades of teaching at Grace College in Winona Lake, a professor has decided to retire.

On Thursday, colleagues and former students of Dr. Paulette Sauders are sharing their stories about what makes her such a special part of the college. She’s a friend to many at Grace College and someone who’s made a lasting impact on students for 55 years.

“I know I could always go to her, whether it was school related or not,” former student Kylie Higgins says.

“Anytime there’s a job that needs to be done, she steps up and does it,” Dr. Lauren Rich adds. She is the chair for the Department of Humanities at Grace College.

“Thanks for being a friend to so many of us, you are an inspiration,” Mark Marstonnorris, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, says.

Dr. Sauders has bloomed into a living legend during her time in higher education.

“Really you don’t find anybody staying at a place for their entire career anymore,” Dr. Bill Katip says. He is the president of Grace College and Seminary.

A career molding the minds of students as a professor for 55 years. That’s long enough for former students to become her colleagues.

“I graduated in 1974 and I had Paulette for English class,” Dr. Katip adds.

Teaching english and journalism with a gift for proofreading and a knack for great grammar.

“You can trust her, if it’s there, she’ll find the error,” Dr. Katip says.

“Dr. Sauders’ magic red pen,” Higgins says while remembering her time as a student. “We would compare how many red marks we had, compared to each other, it was fun because the red marks weren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes she would write little encouraging notes or just little things we could have done differently.”

She’s tough, but its to bring out the best in her students. Dr. Sauders would often hear from alumni later on about how much she helped them grow.

“Helping students, that’s my love, and so anyone who can help students out from any angle, stick with it. You will reap the benefits,” Dr. Sauders says.

“She’s also someone who cares deeply about her students, not just their grades, not just their grammar on their papers. She cares about those things too, but she really cares about them as people,” Dr. Rich says.

A career five decades in the making, and a legacy at Grace College of hard work, caring, and a passion for education that both students and colleagues will always remember.

“I just want to let you know that you are not replaceable. There is no way that we will ever fill the gap that you will leave behind,” Dr. Rich adds.

“Just a huge thank you Paulette for 55 years of phenomenal ministry, not only to Grace College, but to our Lord,” Dr. Katip says.

Although she’s retiring, she’ll continue to work at Grace College in a part-time capacity as emerita faculty.

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