High Profile dispensary opens

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 5:59 PM EDT
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BUCHANAN, Mich. (WNDU) - A third marijuana dispensary opened today in Buchanan where two more are expected to set up shop by the end of this year.

Today, High Profile began selling what it calls “boutique cannabis.”

“We’re really looking for quality so really focusing in on making sure we’ve got good flavor, we’ve got good turpene profiles, THC percentages, so really offering lots of different variety,” said Kyle Teevens with C3 Industries, High Profile’s parent company.

High Profile has a total of four dispensaries including stores in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

C3 Industries has a cultivation and processing operation in Webberville, Michigan.

“The benefit of being vertically integrated, so we have our own access to our own flower concentrated and vape carts right now out of that cultivation facility in Webberville so we get all those Cloud Cover Cannabis products in house,” Teevens explained.

Economically speaking, High Profile brings new life to an old abandoned doctor’s office on Front Street and 10 people have been hired thus far.

While all sales include a $10 excise tax and a six percent sales tax, some say it’ll take years for host municipalities to receive a promised 15 percent share on marijuana tax revenue.

“Under the recreational law the State of Michigan then gets to recover all of their expenses related to the marijuana industry before any money is distributed to anyone else,” said Niles City Administrator Richard Huff. “And then even after they recover their money, then $20 million a year for two years in a row goes to marijuana research.”

Fortunately, Huff says Niles didn’t welcome the cannabis industry to make money. He says council members were primarily interested in making regulated and tested medical marijuana available to those who need it.

High Profile in Buchanan is only licensed to sell recreational marijuana so all of its customers must be at least age 21.

Those holding medical marijuana cards can buy product at the store. While they’ll have to pay the excise tax, High Profile offers card holders a 15 percent discount.

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