Gov. Whitmer responds to Diamond Lake party, stresses mask wearing

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 4:20 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WNDU) - Governor Gretchen Whitmer certainly was not happy to see crowds of people packing into the Sandbar at Diamond Lake over the weekend.

The video made national headlines showing hundreds of beachgoers partying with no physical distancing and no one wearing a mask on Saturday.

Governor Whitmer says that statewide 1 in 5 positive cases are people between the ages of 25 and 34, proving that just because you are young, you are not immune from the virus.

“Youth will not protect you from carrying and spreading this virus to your friends and families and neighbors,” Whitmer said. “We’ve got to all work together to protect one another. That means wearing a mask. Masks can reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19 by about 70%. Our heroes on the frontlines of this crisis, the men and women who have stayed out there and put their health in jeopardy to take care of the rest of us, they deserve the respect of the rest of us masking up.”

Currently, it is required by law that any one in an enclosed public space, must be wearing a mask.

If you don't, the state and local officials have the power to bring misdemeanor charges.

Whitmer says that wearing a mask can stop the spread of COVID 19 by about 70%.

But after seeing celebrations over the Fourth of July weekend, including at Diamond Lake, the Governor is considering a tougher order.

“We are reviewing that request and considering whether or not we need to take this a step further to strengthen compliance because we can not let our guard down we can not afford to play fast and loose with the rules,” Gov. Whitmer said. “If we let our guard down, we could see a rapid increases and deaths here in Michigan. That means more people getting sick and that means more people dying from this disease. For the sake of your loved ones, for the sake of our economy, please mask up when you go out.”

The State Attorney General’s Office has agreed to handle the prosecution of any crimes related to the party.

The Cass County Prosecutor’s Office had asked for the state’s review due to a conflict of interest.

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