Residents continue to speak out about PROSPER Apartments fire

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 11:14 PM EDT
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Residents at PROSPER Apartments in South Bend continue to speak out after an early morning fire on July 4.

“It’s traumatizing because I worked so hard for everything in that apartment, and for it to be gone that quick, I still can’t grasp that part,”said resident Malika Stallings.

Stallings said her apartment was destroyed in that fire.

“There’s no roof. You can see through my closet. You can see my closet. You can see my daughter’s TV in her room. It’s pretty tragic,” Stallings said.

The only thing she said was left was her purse.

“And I had an ‘I love Jesus’ name tag on and that didn’t even burn. It was nothing but God that really woke up me,” Stallings said.

Authorities said when they arrived on scene, flames were shooting out of the roof of a two-story building.

Thankfully no one was injured.

Residents and authorities said multiple fires have happened at this apartment complex.

Stallings said this is the second fire she has personally witnessed since living there, and fears another fire may happen down the road.

 “It could have been resolved maybe, you know what I mean. How is it that these apartments keep catching on fire,” Stallings said.

South Bend Fire Captain Gerard Ellis said most fires are preventable and are due to human error, but the cause of this fire is still under investigation, according to authorities.

Stallings said she wishes management would have reached out to her.

“I’ve never been late on rent. I’ve never caused trouble, and I am a single mom. Like I just feel like the least you guys could do is say something, apologize,” Stallings said.

Stallings is currently living in a hotel.

We reached out to the complex for an interview or statement, but still have not heard back.

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