‘Love of God Michiana’ searching for stolen trailer

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 5:26 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Love of God Michiana is searching for a trailer storing many decades-worth of supplies and memories used in their weekend retreats.

16 News Now tells us why finding the trailer is so important for the church group.

When L.O.G Michiana's 24-foot long trailer they parked at the Kern Road Mennonite Church was stolen over the 4th of July weekend, the director says what hurts the most is losing what was inside.

This is the trailer they're looking for, sitting in the church parking lot.

These are the only signs the missing trailer left behind.

"We had parked it right in that last parking space. Back so you can see the end back where the trailer stuck over the grass," said L.O.G. Michiana Director Terry McBride.

The trailer stored equipment, supplies, and keepsakes used in more than one-hundred weekend retreats spanning more than 20 years.

McBride says he's used the trailer since 2006, and the memories inside spans generations.

"Sure I'd like the trailer back, and sure I'd like to not have to buy all the supplies again, but it's that stuff with names--that history and memory--that's not replaceable," he said.

St. Joseph County police say they're investigating the crime as felony theft.

McBride says much of the equipment will be covered by insurance, but other artifacts recording years of experiences at L.O.G. retreats will have to start again fresh.

"The stuff builds on itself so there are cloth banners--eight-foot long cloth banners that have been made for each weekend and stored. There's an old couch that I found in a garage sale in 1997 and kids have sat in that couch since 1997. After a student gives a talk they sign the couch to remember the thousand-some, fifteen-hundred kids that have been through the weekend," he said.

Even though they may be without their trailer, and all the stuff inside, McBride says he’s persevering and hosting an event at the Kern Road Mennonite Church set for Friday, July 10th.

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