Indiana will release statewide long term care facility coronavirus data

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 5:28 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -The state of Indiana will soon be launching a dashboard containing all of the coronavirus data from long term care facilities.

The dashboard will show data dating back to March 1.

It will allow Hoosiers to search by facility, when the coronavirus cases occurred, how many residents and staff recovered, how many residents and staff died and the demographics of all of that.

It’s a step that many friends and family members have been asking for since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Throughout this time, we have supported facilities and local health departments rights’ to publicly report their data on their own web pages,” Family and Social Services Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Rusyniak said. “Recently, both the largest associations that represent long term care facilities and AARP who advocates for the residents in these facilities have expressed their support for providing facility level information. As we have all learned, responding to this pandemic requires us to continually evaluate our approaches and when appropriate to change them. This is one of those times. "

The state is working to get the data from all of the long term care facilities to release it to the public.

The dashboard will be available roughly 2-3 weeks after the data is released.

The state reports that weekly new cases in those facilities are down 77%.

Deaths are down 83%...both of these compared to the peak in late April.

Because of those numbers, the state opened up outdoor visitation in June.

Now personal care services will be allowed back inside.

The state credits everyone with the progress that has been made.

“No doubt the behavior of Hoosiers has also contributed to the decreases we’ve seen,” Rusyniak said. “By decreasing community spread through social distancing, washing your hands and wearing masks, fewer nursing home staff were exposed and unknowingly went to work with COVID-19. The early use of our strike teams, targeted testing, infection control, PPE prioritization, and close collaboration with the nursing homes themselves are examples of things we implemented early in this pandemic. "

Soon in-person visitation will resume as early as July 4.

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