Join WNDU-TV and our partners and support 16 Pack-A-Backpack

Across Michiana, families and teachers are making plans for the new school year. But with the cost of goods rising, many people can’t afford basic school supplies. That’s why WNDU-TV is teaming up with Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Goodwill, Meijer, and our partners for the 16 Pack-A-Backpack school supply drive. And we’re making it easier and safer than ever for you to help.

Just click the link below to donate to Pack-A-Backpack through Goodwill. For only ten dollars, you can provide a backpack and supplies to help a child start the new school year. Your donation will help children from kindergarten to sixth grade throughout Michiana.

Please support 16 Pack-A-Backpack today. Click on the banner to reach Goodwill’s donation portal. Be sure to select Pack-A-Backpack 2022 when you make your donation.


To help answer your questions, we’ve pulled together some information about this year’s 16 Pack-A-Backpack.

How will my donation be used?

One hundred percent of donations will be used to provide children with the following supplies: a backpack, pencil box, crayons or markers, glue stick, folders, notebooks, filler paper, erasers, a ruler, scissors, pencils, and pens.

We work with Meijer and Goodwill to purchase and safely sort, pack, and distribute supplies to area agencies.

Can I donate supplies?

To ensure the safety of the many people who support Pack-A-Backpack, as well as our generous donors, WNDU-TV will not be collecting supplies in person.

Who gets the supplies?

Local children in kindergarten through sixth grade will get the backpacks and supplies. WNDU-TV works with schools and agencies in our 10-county viewing area to identify children who need the supplies.

If I need school supplies, who do I contact?

WNDU is currently updating this year’s list of participating agencies. For a list of our partners, please check this page after July 25.