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Vintage Baseball at Four Winds Field

Date(s): 8/17/2014

August 17, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Four Winds Field, South Bend, IN
The House of David Echoes will be playing a game of vintage baseball to benefit the individuals of Mosaic. Mosaic is a not-for-profit organization serving people living with developmental disabilities in the community.

We would like to invite anyone to join this family fun filled day of baseball. Taking the field first will be South Bend's own Silverhawks. Following this game the House of David will take the field for a match of baseball played by the rules of the Civil War era. This includes playing bare handed and the ladies in skirts.

The cost is only $9 and it gets you in for both games. Please join us to raise money and awareness for some amazing individuals that could truly benefit from some support of their community.

You can either contact myself (Aleischa Shepherd) for tickets, or make your purchase at the stadium.

Thank you and hope you can join us.
Aleischa Shepherd, alesheph33@gmail.com, 269/362-2838

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