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Cousin Vinny Author Signing

Date(s): 8/14/2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 4-8 p.m.

Better World Books - Goshen, 215 S. Main Street, Goshen, iN 46526
The Devil's Glove by Cousin Vinny
Before he wastes his time and efforts on this ploy, Satan needs to test God to make sure that he will condemn the offender to eternal damnation for this particular mortal sin. He needs to find a suitable subject to be the focus of his evil experiment. Stooping to new depths, Satan sets his crosshairs on the clinically depressed in this morality tale that follows two generations of a cursed baseball glove's ownership.
The first owner, a perennial minor league baseball player enervated by years of failure and disappointment, suffers a nervous breakdown and delusively asks for Satan's help in his quest to play in the Major Leagues of baseball. Satan is more than happy to grant his wish, as long as he gives his life in return. When the debt is paid, The Devil's Glove seeks new victims.
Will God allow Satan to benefit from his despicable plan, or will he do the unprecedented? In The Devil's Glove, God and Satan continue their timeless, unending battle, struggling for possession of our souls. Batter up!
Cousin Vinny:
A 1992 graduate of Western Connecticut State University, Louis “Cousin Vinny” Agnello Jr. is the heir of his late father’s writing dream, though the path to achieving that goal was circuitous. He spent one year studying coaching at Southern Connecticut State University before becoming a pioneer of the lucrative male exotic dancing fad that swept the nation in the early 1980′s. Later he would become the outspoken and controversial “Stripper King of New York.” He has appeared as a studio guest of pundits such as: Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Judith Regan, and Regis Philbin.
Veronica Berkey

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