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Ask the Doctor

Date(s): 4/8/2014

Tuesday, April 8

Samaritan Counseling Ctr, 17195 Cleveland Rd., South Bend
Ask the Doctor - Presented by Dr. Auna Preston
What have you always wondered or wanted to know about "mental illness?" How can you tell if someone is clinically depressed or simply has "the blues?" What is the best way to suggest professional mental health services to a friend or member of your congregation? What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? How can I help? Bring other questions and a sack lunch to this informal question and answer session. Please recognize that Dr. Preston is a clinical psychologist, not a medical doctor, and therefore questions regarding medications cannot be answered.

We will provide drinks, dessert, and a great discussion. This is a complimentary event; however, professionals may earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for $20 per workshop. Participants requiring CEU’s must submit their license number when registering for the event.
Call 574-277-0274 or email, Register@Samaritan-Counseling.org

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