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Insights in History – Transformed by the War: The Anabaptist Response to World War I

Date(s): 11/5/2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.

Center for History, 808 W. Washington St., South Bend, IN 46601
Bradley Bohrer, Pastor of Crest Manor Church of the Brethren, discusses the effect of World War I on groups such as the Quakers and Mennonites, and their response to the war. A tour of the exhibit World War I: The War to End All Wars will be offered. Admission is $3 or $1 for members. Reservations are required by November 3.
Marilyn Thompson, mthompson@centerforhistory.org, 574-235-9664

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Gathering at Five Medals

Date(s): 10/18/2014, 10/19/2014

October 18, 2014 9AM - 5PM & October 19, 2014 9AM - 4PM

68552 County Road 31, Goshen, IN 46526
Gathering at Five Medals is a living history educational timeline event for the whole family, allowing them to become totally immersed in this area’s history, spanning LaSalle’s second expedition of 1670 to the War of 1812.

The event features over 150 reenactors and demonstrators, including a woodland Potawatomi village, French voyageurs and Dutch traders, explorers, blacksmiths, natural dyeing, leatherworking, craftsmen and frontiersmen, trades people and militias. Explore Merchant’s Row, New France, Military Row, Native and hunter’s encampments, river rogues and much more. Events include regular (and lively) cannon and flintlock fire and Native presentations, as well as ongoing fishing, food preparation, woodcarving, colonial beer brewing, fire starting, and weaving demonstrations throughout each day.

And, if anyone enjoys shopping … yes, shopping, for early American, primitive and colonial type items, this is the place! Get a jump on unique holiday gifts. There will be tinware from the Sauder Village tinsmith, copperware from Middlebury's own Freeman Miller, handcarved wooden bowls, glassware, soaps, candles, beautiful pottery from both Tammy Zettlemoyer Pottery and J. Henderson Artifacts, woven goods, jewelry, ironware, beautiful personal writing desks, and much more. One merchant even has a selection of very nice and affordable pocket knives.

This year’s Gathering will be held on Saturday, October 18th and Sunday, October 19th. Five Medals is set in River Preserve County Park, just south of Goshen, Indiana; a linear county park that runs along the Elkhart River. It’s carved out of a relaxing and beautiful series of grasslands, wetlands, woodlands and transition areas; Northern Indiana’s fall-colored hardwoods at their finest! Visitors will find several great food options available, along with rest areas and portable restroom facilities.
Elkhart County Parks, 574-535-6458
Press: Elkhart County Historical Museum, Patrick McGuire, 574.848.4322, patrick@elkhartcountyparks.org

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The Divas of Downton

Date(s): 11/7/2014

Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 6:30pm

The Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, 601 Main Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085
Showcasing notable English ales, specialty drinks, wine, and fare fit for an Earl or Countess. The Divas of Downton will perform divine, era-inspired classics sure to set the ambiance of the evening. Period dress optional.
For more information or to purchase tickets call our office at 269-982-4030 or go to www.smso.org

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Mystery at the Mansion: Dearly Departed

Date(s): 10/17/2014, 10/24/2014

Friday, October 17 & 24. First tour begins at 5:15 p.m.

Center for History, 808 W. Washington St., South Bend, IN 46601
A young woman is to inherit a large sum of money from her grandmother’s estate. The only stipulation is that she be married. The woman has returned from a trip abroad with news that she has “tied the knot.” But just as the couple is settling into married life, the woman makes a startling announcement: Her husband has taken a new job halfway across the world. When he will return, she does not know. The town is buzzing with gossip. Something just doesn’t seem quite right. Did he leave town for his work? Did he meet with an untimely death? Did she really get married? This popular mystery needs all your investigative skills to track down the true story. Tickets are limited and reservations are strongly recommended. Purchase online at www.centerforhistory.org or by calling 235-9664. $15/adults; $13/seniors; $11/members; $9/youth.
Marilyn Thompson, 574-235-9664, mthompson@centerforhistory.org

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The Gallery After Dark - “Community of the Dead: Remembering the Great War”

Date(s): 8/25/2014, 9/22/2014, 10/27/2014, 11/24/2014, 12/22/2014

Call for hours

Center for History, 808 W. Washington St., South Bend, IN 46601
Come to the dark side—meet the museum after hours and visit the exhibit World War I: The War to End All Wars. Hear Tom Murphy, Ph.D., IU South Bend, talk about the thousands of American soldiers who left their country for the very first time to fight on foreign soil and who would never see their homeland again. Take a curator-led tour of “The Home Front” and “Memorial Wall,” offered by Kristie Erickson and Travis Childs. Experience a dramatic reading by Bill Svelmoe, along with a wine-and-cheese reception. $16/adults, $14/members. Reservations required. Call 235-9664, ext. 233 or go online at www.centerforhistory.org. Use “Your Key to History” to earn museum rewards at this event.
Marilyn Thompson, 574-235-9664, mthompson@centerforhistory.org

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Astrophysics to Zebrafish: 150 Years of Science at Notre Dame

Date(s): 8/23/2014, 9/27/2014, 10/25/2014, 11/22/2014, 12/27/2014, 1/24/2015

August 23, 2014 – August 2, 2015 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Center for History, Raclin Gallery of Notre Dame History
In 1865, just 23 years after the University of Notre Dame was founded, the school established science as a course of study. Over the last 150 years, the field has grown into a major educational and research enterprise at the school. Today, Notre Dame’s College of Science offers courses in applied mathematics and statistics, biological science, chemistry and biochemistry, mathematics, and physics. Research efforts of the nearly 2,500 faculty and students in Notre Dame’s College of Science achieve significant results. Through such artifacts as early lab equipment, molecule models, and fossils, the exhibit captures all the intrigue and discovery of science, as well as the moments of research that have impacted the country, and indeed, the world.
Marilyn Thompson, 574-235-9664, mthompson@centerforhistory.org

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Polished in Public, Fierce on the Field: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Date(s): 6/4/2014, 7/2/2014, 8/6/2014, 9/3/2014, 10/1/2014, 11/5/2014, 12/3/2014, 1/7/2015, 2/4/2015, 3/4/2015, 4/1/2015, 5/6/2015

Mon - Sat from 10am - 5pm; Sun from 12pm - 5pm through May 31, 2015

Center for History, Lower Level Gallery, 808 W. Washington St., South Bend, IN 46601
The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was an all-female professional baseball league that was begun by Philip Wrigley in 1943 and stayed active until 1954. The women chosen to play in the new league were serious athletes on the field who were expected to be beautiful and ladylike at all other times. These special women were successful on both counts.
Marilyn Thompson, 574-235-9664, mthompson@centerforhistory.org

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Answering the Call: The Olivers and World War I

Date(s): 3/26/2014, 4/23/2014, 5/28/2014, 6/25/2014, 7/23/2014, 8/27/2014, 9/24/2014, 10/22/2014, 11/26/2014, 12/24/2014

March 15 – December 31, 2014, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Center for History, Carroll Gallery, 808 W Washington St., South Bend, IN 46601
The impact of World War I on the city of South Bend is explored through the eyes of local industrialist J. D. Oliver. As the President of the Oliver Chilled Plow Works, J. D. saw the war influence not only his business but also his family, friends, and personal life. The exhibit chronicles wartime shortages and embargoes, as well as the extraordinary lengths to which the Olivers answered the call to personal service in support of the war effort.
Marilyn Thompson, mthompson@centerforhistory.org, (574) 235-9664

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World War I: The War to End All Wars

Date(s): 2/15/2014, 3/15/2014, 4/19/2014, 5/17/2014, 6/21/2014, 7/19/2014, 8/16/2014, 9/20/2014, 10/18/2014, 11/15/2014, 12/20/2014

February 15, 2014 - December 31, 2014

Center for History - 808 W. Washington South Bend, IN 46601
It was 100 years ago in 1914 that World War I began with the murder of Archduke Ferdinand. Nation after nation lined up to fight on either the side of the Entente, led by France, or the Central Powers, led by Imperial Germany. These alliances had been building for over 20 years, with each side nursing old wounds and ready for revenge against past insults. All anticipated the battles would be over by Christmas, thinking new and improved technology would provide a definitive edge. Little did they conceive of a war that would last until 1918 and encompass the entire globe. Nor did they anticipate that it would cost the lives of 10 million soldiers, severely impair another 20 million and create 10 million refugees. In the summer of 1914, the war looked like a chance to prove one’s manhood rather than--as it became--a descent into hell.
Marilyn Thompson, 574-235-9664, marketing@centerforhistory.org

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