50 Years with You: Viewers Remember

I grew up with Channel 16. As a kid in the 1970s, I used to get up early Saturday mornings and listen to Fr. Hesburgh recite the Prayer for Peace of St. Francis while I waited for cartoons to start. I'll bet I could still recite that prayer from memory, I heard it so many times.

I remember Dick Addis guiding us safely through the Blizzard of '78. I remember watching Bugs Bunny cartoons every afternoon at 3. I remember watching Sesame Street on Channel 16 before WNIT went on the air. I remember the "Classical Gas" theme and the orange and tan set when NewsCenter 16 premiered. I remember the
nice NewsCenter 16 reporter who used to come to my window a lot the summer I worked at Frick's Dairy Queen on South 31 in 1985. She always had a nice smile
for me.

Jim Grey of Indianapolis, IN

MY fav would be the Wawasee High School run for the state football title. I played on the team so it was a great feeling when people in other cities would come up and congrat you one the game you played. I will be thankful for that.

Lee Gardner of Syracuse, Indiana

I used to love to watch the weather reports back when I was a child because
in those days Dick Addis used a chalkboard to illustrate the days coming
weather. By the time he was done, it was usually so covered with chalk you could
hardly tell what was going to happen. I always got the biggest kick from that!

Kevin Patrick of Elkhart, Indiana

My dad is Russ Summerville. He helped build WNDU TV and worked there for 35
years. My fondest memory was the wonderful Christmas parties that were held
where we would have to sing Jingle Bells and then Santa would come and give us
really nice Christmas gifts. I remember we got peanut brittle and fudge too in a
bucket. My first job was being a temporary receptionist while the move was made
from the old building to the new building. My parents and my family now all live
in Ocala Florida and the news down here is terrible. The morning show is awful
no one jokes around like Gordy and Trish (are they still there?) been in FL for
almost 7 years. I remember Dick Addis had the coolest weather board that rotated
and he wrote on them with grease markers. Weather has come a long way since
then. Growing up I can remember WNDU did all the firsts...first helicopter,
first satelite dish, first live broadcasts, first doppler weather etc... I miss
WNDU news a lot that is why I read the website almost daily.

Karen Flannery of Ocala, FL

Hi WNDU! I'd like to thank you for being more than just the eye and ear of
Michiana, but for assisting me in beginning a career in broadcasting!
I first came to WNDU's studios as a small fry, maybe 10 or 11, and I don't think
I was more fascinated by anything than the first time I came to the station.
Eventually, when I reached high school age, I job shadowed one day during the
noon show with Tricia and Gordy at the helm, sometime over 6 years ago. Sitting
in the control room was quite awesome, as I've always been quite interested in
engineering too. I also remember waking up every morning before school and
getting up early so my mom and the rest of my brothers and I could watch Tricia
and Gordy. We were cranky when we didn't get them in the morning due to running
late or other mishaps. When I graduated high school, I decided radio was my calling, and have been
going to Ferris State University to receive a bachelor's in broadcasting. I've
since began working at the Radio Stations of Michigan's Great Southwest in
Benton Harbor on-air for WIRX-FM (Rock 107 WIRX) and WCNF-FM (94.9 the Coast).
Now, I am graduating in 2006 from Ferris after establishing a radio station at
the school, and maintaining a steady load of work, accomplishing a 5-year
program in 4 years. I have WNDU to thank for showing me how amazing and rewarding the world of
broadcasting truly is. I hope I can continue to count on WNDU to provide a great
service to the community under the direction of the University of Notre Dame (GO
IRISH!) and that future generations may be inspired like I was to begin a career
in broadcasting.

Zack East of Lakeside

I worked for WNDU from 1974 to 1988. Watched it grow, was there when the new building was built. Was there when the "satellite" was new. I have many fond memories, too numerous to put down on paper. Just wanted to say congratulations on your 50th anniversary.

Bobbye Bennett of Clinton, AR

You said to send in what we thought was one of the funniest moments from your
news shows. Trish [sic] and Gordy have quite a lot of those moments. I really
enjoy them in the morning but the one that comes to my mind was when Gordy gave
Trisha [sic] a cell phone of sorts with a rubber band to hold it to her head so
her hands would be free. When she put that rubber band on her head it slid up
and made her hair into a ponytail on top of her head. I thought I would die
laughing. You guys are great. Keep up the good work!

Dixie Dibble of Benton Harbor

A few memories...

As a teacher I really enjoy the segment of "Who puts the class in the class of
----". It is refreshing to see the good kids highlighted. More than one segment
has brought a tear of joy/pride to my eyes. I always remember Dick Addis ending his forecasts with a word or two to describe
the upcoming weather. As a kid something phrased like "SNOWY" or "SNOWDAY" were
favorites. Tricia and Gordy's 'postcards from the ledge' were always cute.

Ann Sommers of South Bend, Indiana

The fire at Sunset Landing Apartments in Bridgman was a big event for this
community. It happened on September 11, 2003. We were one of its victims.

Julie Pyburn, Tom Jackson and kids of Bridgman 

Congratulations to WNDU on your 50th anniversary!

Long before I started working here, I remember watching Tricia and Gordy with
the morning news. I would know just what time to leave for work just by where
they were in the show. I have sent my sons' pictures in for their birthdays and
what a treat for them to see themselves on TV! By the way, the Dainty Maid cakes
are good!!

Thanks for being there when we needed you! Here's looking for another 50 years!

Denise Wenrick, WNDU Employee, South Bend, Indiana

I liked Chuck Freeby a lot. He's sorely missed. I also recall when
Holtz coached the football team to National Champs.


I like WNDU because it is my favorite news. We had a tornado warning on
October 24 2001. It knocked down a tree at my house and I watched the weather
channels, radar and the local forecasts radar too.

Jeff Martin of South Bend, Indiana 

Thanks for the memories!

Penny of Mishawaka, Indiana

I remember wanting to watch that game with Mike Brey Bringing a very good
team with Chris Thomas leading the game I don’t think he missed a play in the
whole game. I saw the game till the end but, wa ready for the game to end only
if they could pull it off with a win. After the 2nd OT I started calling people
and talking about it as it unfolded, what a great game. Now I know what all
those old people were talking about when UCLA lost a classic to ND to break a
long streak, but I was too young to care about basketball then. I remember that
game as my favorite game I had ever seen, Oh it is over right?

Kevin Hilgendorf of Bremen, Indiana

My favorite memories of WNDU are many, but several stand out. I grew up
watching Dick Addis and the weather, Notre Dame home football games with Tom
Dennin and Jeff Jeffers, and Beyond our Control. I especially remember being up
late enough at night to see the closing of the day's programming with prayer and
the statue of Mary, mother of Jesus. Thank you WNDU for serving Michiana for
over 50 years!!

Don Stephic II of Elkhart, Indiana

I remember faithfully watching "Beyond Our Control" every Saturday! It was
"cool" and was so up to date! Then, when I was in high school, I began to know
kids who had the wonderful opportunity to work on it. What a wonderful service
to the teens in our area - both in performing and having "our own show" for the
rest of us!

Diane Howard of Mishawaka

I liked Chuck a lot. He's sorely missed. I also recall when Holtz coached the
football team to National Champs.


I'd remember the winter storm of 1998. Schools was closed due to the storm.
And also, the fire at LaSalle High School.

Eric Crittendon Jr. of South Bend, Indiana

As I was watching your presentation of WNDU's 50 years memories of things
forgotten started to come back to me. What a great show. If I'm not mistaken,
which I might be I remember baby announcements being made on the news. I
remember being 4 years old and seeing my new baby brother on TV. Congratulations
on 50 years WNDU. I love your news casts and especially the group of people who
have been with you for so long. That really says something. WNDU is more than a
place to work, it's family and friends and it truly shows.

Cindy Romine of Warsaw, Indiana

I remember a afternoon movie that was on every week day, right after we got
out of school, it was in the early 1960's. It had a host who either made fun of
the stars of the movies or the movies themselves, all of the movies were old "B"
movies. He made fun of the Bowery Boys, Jon Hall, and Jack Carson.

Anybody else remember this?

Garry Asmsu of Dowagiac, Michigan

I was born and raised in Plymouth; my fondest memory was when Scott Skiles
hit that last minute shot to put us in overtime for the Champions Game (1982).
That is one of the greatest moments in Indiana High School Basketball.

Patti Finkbiner of South Bend, Indiana

My name is Cam, I'm 13, and I live in Plymouth. I guess you couldn't call
this my favorite MEMORY, because I was not alive.. but if I was alive in the
80's it would have to be the 1982 High School Boys Basketball State
Championship. It was such a great thing in our town when we won. Watching the
videos makes me want to be there so badly. We got so close this year and it was
so exciting. Being state runner ups was awesome...I cant imagine what it would
be like to be STATE CHAMPIONS!


I remember watching your newscast in the 1970's and becoming interested in
science and weather thanks to Dick Addis. I also remember the blizzard of 1978
and after his  weather forecast they said, "South Bend Schools closed!" I was
the happiest kid around! Cheers to your team and Dick Addis.

Chris of South Bend, Indiana

I remember when Dick Addis would turn the weather board and write with
markers. I also believe he had a contest for drawings for kids.

Craig Carter of Niles, Michigan

I can sum up my memories of WNDU in 2 words: Dick Addis.

Al of Sawyer, Michigan 

I forget what year this was, not too long ago, but the massive Ice storm that
swept over Michiana. I have never seen trees bent so out of shape, and the
damage is still around today. It was the worst time for power outages in the
freezing cold.

Jason Failing

Dear WNDU Team,

Great Job on the 50th anniversary retrospect show. I grew up watching you and it
was wonderful to see a lot of memories. Both the NewsCenter on-camera team and
the behind the scenes crew did a good job. Thanks and good luck for 50 more.

Ed Voreis

As a boy growing up in the snow belt area of Benton Harbor in the late 60's
and into the 70's, the first thing we did was turn on Channel 16 in the morning
to see how bad the storms were and to see if SCHOOL WAS CLOSED!We were hooked on Dick Addis. He was a no nonsense kinda a guy yet he had a
personality you couldn't help but be drawn to. Watching your 50th anniversary show with clips of Dick brings back a flood of memories. For that, I applaud and
thank you.

Tim Metz of Osceola, Indiana

It was a memorable moment when 2001 Notre Dame women's basketball won the
national championship vs. Purdue. It was football game too. Dick Addis - he was

Terri Berry of Edwardsburg, Michigan

To everyone at WNDU!

You guys are awesome! What a great news station - everything from interesting
stories, to extremely helpful ideas/websites/contacts...everything! My husband
and I really feel like you CARE about the community. Contact 16 is awesome! What
a great idea!

THANK YOU for helping the community as much as you do! THANK YOU for being a
great news station! THANK YOU for really serving the area. It is much

Eileen & Michael Dimino
Saint Mary's Graduate, ND Graduate, and South Bend residents!

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