WNDU-DT: Michiana's First High Definition Television Station

HDTV Technical Advisories

You may currently see the following NBC shows on WNDU-DT, Channel 16.1, when available from NBC:


  • Heroes
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip


  • Friday Night Lights
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Law & Order: SVU


  • 30 Rock
  • 20 Good Years
  • Kidnapped


  • My Name Is Earl
  • The Office
  • ER


  • Las Vegas
  • Law & Order
  • Crossing Jordan


  • Saturday Night Live



  • Today Show
  • The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno
  • Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien


    WNDU-DT Channel 16. 1

    More shows can be seen in High-Definition coming soon on WNDU-DT, Channel 16.1! "DT" is the designation for "digital television."

    All television stations in the United States are beginning the process of converting from the current analog system (called NTSC) to a digital system of transmission.

    WNDU-DT has been transmitting a digital, high definition signal since December, 1998 on digital broadcast channel 16.1.

    The Federal government plans to have all current analog TV stations turned off sometime in the future. The system is being changed to take advantage of the vast improvements in technology since the start of television broadcasting in the 1940s. We've come a long way in 60 years. Digital television takes particular advantage of computer technology to deliver incredibly high quality pictures, plus CD-quality surround sound. The picture is now transmitted in "computer language," so it cannot be seen on current television sets.

    Not all digital television is high definition. Digital television can transmit in "standard definition," which is somewhat like direct satellite broadcasts and digital cable. "High definition" transmission has about five times the resolution, or picture detail, as standard definition. It's even better than the clarity of a DVD! In either form, the pictures from digital television are a great improvement over our current television.

    Your current analog television set will not be able to view WNDU-DT. If you tune into air channel 42, you will see what appears to be "snow." It is actually the digital language of ones and zeros. A special tuner is required to "translate" the computer code into a picture. Soon, converter units will be available to allow you to view these signals on current sets. A digital television tuner (not digital cable), receives WNDU-DT on channel 16.1.

    The screen size of a digital television is also different. We are used to viewing television shows on a screen that is nearly square. The new screen size will be a more cinema-like rectangle. It's like viewing a DVD in the "letterbox" format.

    High definition programs are now carried nearly every night on NBC and WNDU-DT.

    Digital/high definition televisions are available at retailers throughout our area. Although the prices are higher than current sets, comparatively based on the value of the dollar when color television was introduced, HDTV sets cost less than the switch made from black and white to color.

    WNDU High Definition is also carried on Comcast Cable ch.188. Subscribers in Michiana should contact Comcast to arrange to receive the WNDU HDTV signal.

    Find out more about HDTV by clicking here.

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