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  • Chandler Elementary School

  • Haunted House

New Carlisle:
  • New Carlisle Cemetery

  • Morris Chapel

South Bend:
  • Tippecanoe Place

Three Rivers:
  • Camp Eberhart

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  • Haunted House

    My mother passed away in Aug. 1976. She had an old wooden rocker that my brother acquired a few months later.

    One night while they were sleeping my sister-in-law got up because she thought she heard a noise. She walked through the door of the bedroom and went through the dining room to the living room where she stopped dead in her tracks. There in the living room was my mother sitting in her rocking chair rocking as she used to.

    She said she turned and ran into the bedroom and tried to wake my brother. She could not wake him so she ran back into the dining room because the kids' bedroom was across the room she was standing in.

    She watched my mother get up out of the rocker and come into the dining room, turn and go through the door of the kids' bedroom. She went over to the door and opened it, looked in and my mother was gone.

    The kids were asleep and never knew that they had been visited by their grandmother. This is only one incident that has happened in this house.

    - Gloria, Coloma


  • Chandler Elementary School

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    • The Ghost of Emma Chandler
      Miss Emma Chandler was Principal of Goshen High School in 1871. She was Principal there for 23 years. Goshen High School was where Chandler Elementary School is now. The school was named after Emma Chandler. Emma died on October 24, 1920, almost on Halloween. All fall, each year, she haunts Chandler School!

      She appears everywhere. Every fall night she sneaks through the hallways. She sneaks up on people and scares them away. Every night she snatches something from classrooms.

      In room 201,someone has been snatching mechanical pencils! They're disappearing! Our teacher thinks someone from our class is taking them, but we know it's Emma Chandler!

      Sometimes the TVs turn blue then get full of static. It's Emma, trying to scare people. Then she turns on the radio and dances!!

      Watch for a 10 degree drop in temperature. When you feel cold in Chandler School, it's Emma.

      And finally, if you hear a scream at night in Chandler Elementary School, you know it's Emma Chandler.

      - 4th grade CIM group (Brandon, Cody, Esmeralda, Lorenz), Goshen

    • The Mystery of Emma Chandler
      In 1857, the East Madison Street School in Goshen was built. It was a four-room brick building. In 1875 it burned to the ground. It was built again and became the Madison Street School. The Principal was Miss Emma Chandler. She was Principal for 23 years. In 1913 they changed the name of the school to Chandler School, named after Emma Chandler. She died on October 24, 1920, and still haunts the school today.

      She mysteriously floats into the gym during an assembly and flicks the lights off and on. She says, "Students of Chandler Elementary School, leave this place now, or you'll pay the price! I am VERY serious!! Waa, ha, ha, ha!" Then she vanishes into thin air.

      When students go to the bathroom and wash their hands, they look into the mirror. They see her angry, horrifying reflection looking back at them.

      Sometimes, if you are all alone in the elevator, it gets windy and freezing cold. Suddenly, you will see the buttons being pushed by ghostly fingerprints! Then suddenly, the elevator stops! If you stand silently you will hear creaking sounds and voices from the past. When you get to your floor, the doors fly open!

      The puzzle of Emma's ghost remains 89 years after her death. We won't quit until we solve the mystery of Miss Emma Chandler's ghost.

      - 5th grade CIM group (Austin, Cindy, Jerrad, Nathan, Robert), Goshen

    • Miss Chandler
      People thought that the school was haunted. It was true. My friends thought the school was haunted because they have been hearing and seeing stuff. My friend saw the blood in the girl's bathroom. My friend saw a man in the heater! Another friend saw a boy going in the boy's bathroom, it was when she was in 1st grade. He never showed up again. People said the stalls kept on locking. A man came on top of the roof and never came down.

      Mari is my friend. She thinks the school is haunted. My friends saw the ghost of Emma Chandler. Miss Jackie, our janitor, went downstairs and the elevator door said, "ding"! Nobody was in it!! Miss Jackie was scared!

      - Sommer, 3rd grade, Goshen


    • Haunted House

      I was a newlywed in 1987 when I moved into our 1920's Mishawaka home.

      When we viewed it, the couple acted as if they'd raised their 3 kids there, but I found it odd that there were only two little shirts in the children's room and just a jacket in the master bedroom.

      About two days later, I was alone ironing in the basement. The lights went out, but the iron was on. The lights came on. They went off again. This went on several times. Finally, I looked at the ceiling in the dark and said, "Look I don't know who you are, but this is our first home. I am not afraid of you and I'm not leaving. We're just going to have to live together. The lights came on.

      I soon learned the home was known as the "Adkins Home" (name changed) after its longtime resident who passed in 1972. The name "Joe" (changed) Adkins appeared in places all over the house and was etched in the cement of the basement.

      I guess I gained his respect. It turned out to be like "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." I saw "Joe" twice, although he never spoke with words, only actions. He'd open the windows; I'd tell him I was cold, "Please close it Joe." My cats would not go into the spare room, which was always very cold. They would get to the top of the stairs and race away. Joe would rock in the rocking chair. He'd open the refrigerator (second time I saw him...both times same clothes). One time, I was watching my favorite movie and with the remote on the other side of the room and no pre-setting, the VCR went into "Record." Disgusted, I said, "Joe, please turn it off, I was watching that." He did. I think he wanted to remind me this was HIS house.

      We lived there for 10 years. When we were moving, poltergeist activity increased like crazy. Joe apparently didn't want to break in a new family. I even said, "You can join us." I kinda' got used to him being around.

      Think I'm crazy? When I later researched the house, I learned we were the only ones since Joe (1972) that lived there for a year. The previous owners we bought from, 8 months. Nor has anyone since.

      I never saw any signs of Joe in my new home and the cats never went crazy again. I kinda' miss the guy.

      - Beth, South Bend

    New Carlisle Cemetery
    57266 Timothy Rd, New Carlisle, IN

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    • The Story of Lorelei

      I was going on my very first date to a Halloween party at a teacher's house. It was a double date. Though I lived in South Bend, the teacher lived in New Carlisle. This was in the 70's. After the party, my date and the other guy told us girls a story about the New Carlisle Cemetery, which is just a little south of Bendix Woods off Timothy Road.

      It is an old, old cemetery and very small. The guys told us about a grave that they CLAIM they have seen with a woman's picture from the 1800's and the inscription, "Lorelei: She loved every man but her husband."

      Naturally, it was misty and foggy and October 31. We looked for it, but many of the graves are so worn, you can't read the ones in front. My date swore he knew right where it was, and found something close, but rubbed away.

      Here's how the story goes:
      Some teenagers (of course, from our school!) took their dates there for the same reason: to see this nasty inscription. They drove past the grave and read the stone. On the way out, a large, white cross passed over the top of the car. They got out of there fast.

      Shortly after, something terrible happened to both girls. Also, each of the guys was involved in bizarre accidents that would have killed most people. But, nothing bad happened to the guys, because Lorelei protected them. "Lorelei loves every man but her husband."

      I've been back there several times in my teen years, during the day and night. I never found the stone, but I always got a creepy feeling and hard to explain things (like shadows) sometimes occurred. Perhaps the people that live next door don't like all these teenagers driving through, huh?

      - Shari, South Bend

    Morris Chapel
    1638 Morris Drive, Niles MI

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    • Ghost of a Jilted Bride
      Legend has it that a lady named Kathryn was jilted on her wedding day and hung herself in the chapel. At night it’s said you can hear her screaming and feel a VERY strong presence. Also reports of seeing a young woman & man hanging in the tree by their necks & whining and moaning and lights in the chapel at night.

      I went to band practice at 7:00 p.m. We wrapped up at about 10:30 p.m. only to find the temp had dropped 25 degrees and the wind had picked up to 25 mph, gusting to 50mph.

      The rain and wind were really whipping and keeping the van pointed straight home was quite a chore. I fought my way up to Exit 5 and turned right onto Niles-Buchanan Road. Up and down a couple of dips and I was at Morris Drive.

      Morris Drive was a wet and blustery maze of downed limbs and branches. The closer I got to the Chapel the larger the logs seemed to be and I eventually came to one I couldn't drive around. In the glare of the high-beams I could see my easiest solution was to roll the log over enough to gain passage along the curb. It was about then that I noticed how shrill the whistle of the wind had become, it almost sounded like a woman screaming.

      I grabbed the shift and dropped it into drive and made my way around the log. I rounded the last corner on Morris Drive right in front of the school and Chapel. Most of the lights were out except for the sanctuary light in the Chapel. I thought it odd for all of the lights to be off except for that one... then it happened.

      I glanced into the rearview mirror and back at the Chapel one last time, as I found myself looking at what appeared to be a headless wedding dress clad body hanging from a cross! Next to that was a headless form of a tuxedo!

      When I got to the stop sign at Morris Drive and Philip Road I could actually taste my heartbeat in my mouth.

      - Mark, Niles

    Tippecanoe Place
    620 W Washington St. South Bend, IN 46601

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    • Paranormal Investigation Conducted at Tippecanoe Place
      Ever since the last of the Studebakers died there has been speculation of supernatural, paranormal activity in the old Studebaker Mansion by staff and customers. Psychic and Medium, Rick Bunch, and his team of paranormal investigators may have an answer. On a cold April evening they set up their equipment and registered electromagnet frequencies and fields throughout the entire building. Disembodied voices, not recognizable by the human ear were recorded with an EVP machine. There was so much activity that orbs were even captured on digital camera. A return visit is definitely in the future. To find out more, please visit www.rickbunch.com.

      - Rick, South Bend

    • The Ghost of Beatrice
      I'm sure you have heard many stories about the ghosts at Tippecanoe Place. Well, I had a face to face encounter with one while attending a Christmas party there.

      We were in a private room on the second floor for dinner and I went to us the restroom up a few stairs just before the ballroom. I was in the stall in the bathroom and suddenly it became very cold and I had a very eerie feeling. I walked out and there in front of me was a misty image of a early 20th century garbed maid with towels in her hands. I actually heard her say “Beatrice, Mum.”

      Suddenly a waitress flung the door open and the ghost disappeared. I went back the dining room
      my legs shaking so badly I could hardly walk down the stairs.

      At first, I hesitated to tell my husband what had happened, but I did and of course, he looked at me in disbelief. He then proceeded to tell the whole table my story and they all had a good laugh. However, one of the waitresses happened to hear the conversation and confirmed that there had been many ghost sightings at the mansion and that there was a maid named Beatrice who had committed suicide there.

      I was relieved to have my story verified and when we went out to the bar another woman heard us talking and said she had had a similar thing happened to her.

      I have a sixth sense about the presences of ghosts and have ghost stories confirmed to me in place where I have felt their presence.

      - Linda, Elkhart

    Camp Eberhart
    10300 Corey Dr., Three Rivers, MI 49093

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    • A Visit From Dave
      Many Michiana residents have visited Camp Eberhart. If you have, you know about "Dave."

      Dave was a boy scout who drowned diving without supervision. His parents had "Dave's House" built in his memory. He is buried in the cemetery at the end of the lane near the main road.

      When Navarre school was K-8, the 6th grade would take a 3-5 day trip there. I went as a 6th grader and when I was a senior in high school, was selected as a counselor for the Navarre kids.

      This sounds like a "Friday the 13th" rip-off, but this really happened to me and my fellow campers. The movie had not been released yet. Don't worry, nobody got hurt, but we thought someone did.

      It had been tradition that on the last day, the kids, counselors, teachers, camp nurse, and maintenance man, would make a trip down the long gravel lane to the cemetery, surround Dave's grave, and listen to the nurse tell Dave's story. At the urging of the nurse and the permission of the teachers, we selected a counselor "Ted" (changed) to get wrapped up like a mummy, hide behind a grave, and when the nurse got to her story's climax, jump out and scare the kids. A couple of us went with him to get him positioned, then ran back to camp to say all was ready.

      The weather report was good. We set out on our trek to the cemetery. The nurse started her story, which she told well. All of a sudden it got very chilly. The clouds rolled in over the lake. The wind picked up. The nurse got more dramatic, playing to nature. The more she talked, the colder it got, wind howling, and it started to lightly rain. Trees were bending.

      She got to the big moment of her story, Ted's cue. The wind was terrible. There was no Ted. She paced her story for him, but he didn't pop out. She wrapped up her tale and we proceeded back down the lane to the camp. The weather all of a sudden subsided. The kids loved it. The adults just looked at each other with wide eyes. Where was Ted? I thought maybe he was abducted, being so close to the road!

      We got back, put the kids to bed, and the adults went to the main building for coffee. All had frightened looks. Finally, the nurse said, "Did anybody else find that whole thing really weird? I couldn't have planned that storm." We all, including the maintenance guy who lives there, agreed it was spooky. But where was Ted?

      About a half-hour later, our mummy-friend walked in to our relief. He said that he had gotten himself trapped on a bush with his bandages. If he yelled for help or struggled, he'd blow the gag. Suddenly, something let loose, he was freed, and he came back to camp. Why did that storm pop up and just as quickly, stop when we left? What caused Ted to get stuck? Maybe Dave, after all these years, wants some peace.

      - Karen, South Bend

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