As Seen on TV: Debbie Meyer Bread Bags

Want your bread and rolls to stay fresher, longer? Maybe you should invest some dough in some special bags.

Debbie Meyer Bread Bags claim to keep bread, rolls, bagels and such fresher, longer. Would they end up being toast in our As Seen on TV Test?

You get 12 Debbie Meyer Bread Bags when you buy the set. The one that fits most bread is a nice long one, but you can fit hot dog buns, bagels, and rolls, whatever the case may be. You also get a couple of extremely long ones say if you want to store French or Italian bread. Now what intrigued me, was on the box, that the Debbie Meyer bags was a little photo that showed a loaf of bread that was stored in the Debbie Meyer bag for 11 days and one that was just left in the regular bag. I want to see if we get similar results not only with the bread, but with bagels and hot dog buns.

So, we'll start with the bread and we got a nice, long loaf of sandwich bread here. Let's say we put half the loaf in the Debbie Meyer bag. If you remember from the Green Bags way back when, you actually don't seal this tight like a regular bread bag. What you want to do is get as much air out of it as possible-they just want you to fold it over. Now, we'll seal up the regular bread.

We'll do it with bagels and finally we'll do the hot dog buns. So again we'll come back in 11 days and see how this stuff looks.

Eleven days later, the first thing we're going to check is the bread. The bread in the original container doesn't look blackened or anything like it's rotten. I don't see any mold on it. Let's check out the Debbie Meyer bag and see how the bread in there is looking. The Debbie Meyer bread is maybe a little softer, but doesn't look any different.

Okay, let's see how the bagels fared. Actually I see a touch of mold on the bagel that was in the Debbie Meyer bag. On here I see nothing. It smells the same, no difference in taste. How about the hot dog buns? The bag that they came in there’s nothing unusual. I don't see any mold on it or anything like that. They don’t feel terribly fresh. How about the ones in the Debbie Meyer bags, maybe they feel slightly fresher, smell slightly fresher, really no difference.

So after examining everything after 11 days there was really little or no difference in the products that were stored in the bags they came in and the Debbie Meyer bags except for the bagel. The bagel that was stored in the Debbie Meyer Bread Bag had mold on it. So, for what you pay for these bags you could save yourself a little money by just using the bags or containers they came in or use some GladWare. So we're going to give the Debbie Meyer Bread Bags the thumbs down.

I paid $10 for my Debbie Meyer Bread Bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

You can also find them on the internet, just click on the Big Red Bar.

Coming up next week, they're called the Stick and Click, and they're bright white led lights that you can stick just about anywhere you need light, like under a sink or in a closet.

Are they a Bright idea? Or would we have a dim view of them following our As Seen on TV Test? Find out next Monday on NewsCenter 16 at 5:30.

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